Misted Units

If your double-glazing units are misted up, you could be losing precious heat. This is because the units are no longer sealed and need to be replaced. Contact Grew & Sons today for professional glazing replacement services and expert advice.

Misted Up Double Glazing

Misted up double glazing is a tell-tale sign that the sealed unit has failed and is no longer sealed. Not only is the condensation unsightly, but it also indicates that the double glazing is no longer fit for purpose. Without a good seal, it is harder to keep the cold out and the heat in, reducing the overall efficiency of your home.

So, if you’ve noticed condensation between the two panes of your double glazing, it might be time to replace the unit. Contact Grew & Sons today for expert advice and affordable glazing repairs.

Replacement Double Glazing Units

If your double glazing has failed, you might think that you need brand new windows. This is not the case! We can replace just the glazing units themselves, giving your window frames a new lease of life and cutting down on the overall cost.

Replacing your units might not seem very important, especially during the summer when temperatures are higher. However, when winter comes around, a faulty unit will leak heat and let the cold in. That’s not to mention the visual nuisance of the condensation spoiling your view.

To find out more about our replacement glazing services, contact Grew & Sons today.

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For simple and effective solutions to misted double glazing units, contact our team today.

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