Sash Window Repairs

We specialise in sash window repairs and refurbishments to keep your windows looking and working as they should be. So, if your property features sash windows that have seen better days, contact Grew & Sons today for expert repairs, advice and support.

Sash Window Refurbishments

Sash windows were extremely popular in Georgian and Victorian architecture and they remain in use in many homes across the country. They are prized for their sophisticated appearance and ease of use. However, if they are not properly maintained, they can be prone to draughts and other issues.

So, to make sure your sash windows remain in good working order for years to come, contact Grew & Sons today. We offer a full refurbishment service to restore your windows to their former glory. For more information or to arrange a quote, get in touch today.

Replacement Cords

The most common component of a sash window to need replacing is a broken cord. Replacing a sash cord is a delicate process that requires a specialist touch. So, if your window no longer works as it should, we can inspect the mechanism and carry out any repairs and replacements as needed. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Replacement Beading

Beading sits inside the frame of your sash windows and holds the sash itself in place. It also plays an important role in preventing draughts. Alongside the cords, beading is one of the most common elements to need replacing. If you’re beading is rotten or damaged, contact Grew & Sons today for expert repairs and replacements.

Contact Grew & Sons

For sash window repairs and refurbishments, contact our team today.

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